Our Vision and Mission

To be a caring community of believers in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.
We seek to
fulfil the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit.



It is our privilege and joy to share with you about who we are and what we are doing. As you browse through our website, we pray that not only will you discover new information, but also find out more about the Almighty God.

We believe God wants you to know His purpose for you and your family. Please feel free to join us at any of the four services on Sunday.


The Anglican Chinese Churches in Singapore began in 1856, and were the harvest of St. Andrew's Church Mission, after a stirring sermon preached on Whitsunday by the Residency Chaplain William Humphrey.


The Foochow speaking missionary work started in 1902 when Rev R. Richards was in charge of St.Andrew's Church Mission. He had with him seven catechists and one of them was Guok E. Sing who was assigned to work among the Foochow and Hing Hua speaking Chinese in Singapore. Two other catechists, Kiong Cheng Choon and Ong Siew Bee were assigned to minister to Hokkien Chinese.


In July 1910, Dong Bing Seng was engaged from Foochow, China to work among the Foochow speaking community in Singapore, and Rev Ng Ho Le was the priest ministering to the Hokkien Congregation. The Foochow and Hokkien services were held in St. Peter's Church at Stamford Road, at the former site of the National Library. In 1937, the Government acquired St. Peter's Church.  Holy Trinity Church thus purchased a piece of land at the junction of Horne Road and Tyrwhitt Road for the construction of Holy Trinity Church, which is our church's present site at 1 Hamilton road, Singapore 209175.


The church building was completed in 1941 and a Dedication Service was conducted on 20th July by the Archdeacon Graham White, assisted by Rev A.J. Bennitt, Rev John Lee and Rev Ng Ho Le. Our church was named Holy Trinity as both priests in charge, Rev Ng Ho Le (Hokkien) and Rev John Lee (Foochow) were ordained on Trinity Sunday and the services were held in three languages, namely Foochow, Hokkien and English. The English Service was assisted by Deaconess E.G.Collier, who spent the major part of her life in Foochow as a CMS missionary. During the Japanese occupation of Singapore from 1942 to 1945, the foreign aid we were depended on was completely cut off and the Church had to learn to stand on her feet and became self-supporting.


The Foochow Congregation was granted Parish status in 1958. It was the first Chinese Church to become a Parish in the Diocese of Singapore and Malaya. On 9th March, 1963, the Hokkien Congregation merged with the Church of the Good Shepherd to form a combined Parish.  It was agreed that this was an interim plan and they should be separated after 5 years, to merge with Foochow Parish. The Hokkien and Foochow Parish finally joined together and formed the Holy Trinity Parish in 1984. The English Service was part of Foochow parish then. Revd John Chew was appointed the first Vicar of the Holy Trinity Parish. The English Service later became a congregation and formed part of the Holy Trinity Church family in the 1990s.


We have four services on every Sunday occupying both the upper sanctuary and lower sanctuary of the church building. Services are conducting in Foochow & Mandrin, Mandrin (Hokkien Service) and English at the various timings, for timing and locations, please click the menu links.  We have the various ministries like Children's Ministry, Net Ministry,  Glory Ministry, Care Group Ministry and there are various ministries under the purview of the various Focus Groups, such as Discipleship, Fellowship & Care, Care group, Mission, and Evangelism.

Do browse and navigate around to understand our church and the various ministries and activities we have then come and join us for worship service and ministry service.