What We Offer

The visitation team plays a major role in helping the congregation to become a caring community of believers in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior as stated in the church’s vision. This is done through regular visits by the visitation team to the members of our congregation especially to those who are new or have been absent in our midst for a while, as well as through providing care, prayer support and encouragement to the sick and needy members. This visitation team also provides an opportunity for other members to join in as well so that they too may take up this responsibility to care for one another.


The ministry opportunities include home and hospital visitations; praying for the sick and home-bound; providing temporal or long term care to the home-bound; interact and fellowship with newcomers and with those who are unable to attend church regularly etc.

These visitations usually take place on Wednesday afternoons. Sometimes, special or urgent visitation arrangements may also be made. You are encouraged to commit to weekly visitation or at least for once a month.