What We Offer

  • Worship and Prayer Focus Group

The Worship Ministry serves to lead the community of believers on Sunday to worship God in the Spirit and in truth through 

  • Refreshment of hearts with God’s love
  • Renewal of minds with God’s truth
  • Re-dedication of hands to love and serve in and beyond the church

The ministry believes that serving is an important aspect of our worship to God. Therefore it is always on the lookout for those with a heart and the God-given talent to serve and bless the congregation at the Sunday services.

  • Discipleship and Training

The Discipleship and Equipping Focus Group exists to help HTC members to become fruitful and faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. We hope to achieve this purpose by:

- Facilitating Alpha Course for pre-believers and Baptism and Confirmation courses for new believers.

- Planning and organizing Christian education programmers that are suitable for members of different spiritual maturity and with different needs. Some of these programmers include "Uncover God's Word Series", Parenting Seminar, Men's & Women's Gathering etc.

- Seeking and equipping mature Christians to become mentors who could help individual members on a one-to-one basis for a period of time so that they could advance in their spiritual growth.

- Equipping Care Group Leaders who are playing a vital role in supporting their group members in their spiritual maturity.

- Encouraging Christian literacy among the members through the existing library.

For those who sense a calling from God in the area of teaching and/ or mentoring, or if you simply have a strong desire to walk alongside and support others in their spiritual growth, you may wish to consider partnering with the Discipleship and Equipping Focus Group. Please feel free to approach Pastor Daniel to discuss on the possible area of involvement.

  • Fellowship and Care

Here are some pointer of importance and benefits regarding Christian believer’s fellowshipping and gathering according to Biblical instructions as recorded in 1 John 1:1-3

As we fellowship together we are also having fellowship with God the father and His son Jesus Christ.

Fellowship brings edification to one another through God’s word and uphold one another.  Fellowship helps in building or strengthening our relationship with God and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  The deepened relationship enables us to care for all families, in good times or bad.  Helping each one to overcome lives challenges by giving care.

We organize Church-wide Birthday celebration on a Bi-Monthly basis at the fellowship hall, there will be announced every alternate month.

Church-wide events:

1). Day trips or outing for the entire church, involving participants from the three congregations as well as invited friends and relatives so that they can experience the community of Jesus, the love, and warmth that has bestowed upon believers.

2). Bonding night for a time of fellowship with potluck food.  Programs for the evening with Worship and Praise as well as Games and Prayer.

3). Breakfast fellowship every Sunday morning @ 10.30am ensures congregation members from both 8.45am service and 11.00am service can gather at Fellowship Hall for a time of fellowship over simple breakfast.

  • Evangelism and Community Impact

The Evangelism Focus Group seeks to:

1) Formulate strategies for the English Congregation's outreach efforts;

2) Encourage and track these outreach efforts; and

3) Create synergies with other focus groups and care groups to advance God's kingdom. 

By God's grace, we are a group of people passionate for enlarging God's kingdom in our local community, primarily focusing on:

1) Members' pre-believing friends and family members, 

2) Community services at Beach Road, 

3) Pre-believing visitors attending our church. 

Some examples of our outreach efforts are:

1) Holding interest group sessions in church, such as "Learning how to make kuehs", "Coffee Appreciation Session". 

- We create a non-hostile environment for pre-believers to come and experience a day of fellowship with church members.

- We strive to make friends with pre-believers to build a relationship with them before introducing the gospel to them in a caring and non-threatening manner. 

2) Making community impact in our church's vicinity. 

- Working hand in hand with Peace Connect Cluster Operator and care groups, we visit the Beach Road community to spend time with the elderly who can be lonely.

- At times, we even invite pre-believing friends to join us to spread joy to these elderly, and this has glorified God, as these friends can see God's love in our lives as we genuinely care for the elderly. 

- At the same time, our church members also get to build relationships with these pre-believing friends, who will more likely be willing to join us in church services thereafter. 

Please pray for us as we share the joy of our salvation to our community. You are also welcome to join us to contribute to God's kingdom. 

  • Global Missions

The Global Mission group plan mission activities to empower believers in Christ to fulfill the Great Commission through various overseas missions, either on a long or short-term basis.  We organize missions conferences to bring Mission awareness to the church and identify mission point for the church to participate in various ways like prayer support, finance support, and manpower support.