What We Offer

The Children's Ministry is committed to teaching and training the children in the word of God. The Bible is the ultimate source of every lesson because it is "God-breathed and inspired and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting & training in righteousness." - 2 Timothy 3:16.  

Our theme for the next 3 years shall be “God’s love for us and through us”.  We hope that the journey from Genesis to Revelation will help children to discover God’s love for them and how His plan of redemption unfolds throughout Scripture.  Ultimately, may God’s unified story of redemption convict them on the work that God is doing in their lives, and they can show God’s love through them.


Core Group

They will be the committee members to plan the whole year’s curriculum and spearhead all the special events.

Teach the Word of God

They will teach the Word of God either in Junior Group or Senior Group, and they will lead the children in discussion after the big group teachings.

Assist in Class Discussion

They will assist the class teacher and help to take care of the children.

Be Worship Leaders and Musicians

They will lead the children in praise and worship and to train the children in worship leading.

Depending on the roles, the Children Workers will serve on alternate months or once a month basis, and the 4th Sunday of the month will be set aside for all the Children Workers and the children to attend the worship service. Are you interested in furthering God’s kingdom by investing in the future disciples of His Church? Join the Children's Ministry – either at the 8:45 am or 11:00 am Sunday School.


Children are taught God's word in a fun and creative ways.


Bible teachings are presented in a colorful and creative way that does not deviate from the original message of the biblical theology.


Children are taught different unique and interesting arts and crafts activities. Important points of the lesson or applications of it are emphasized in the arts and crafts time.


Activity worksheets like crossword puzzles, journal writings will enable the children fulling engaged with their minds, hearts, and hands.  With the journals, they can go home to share and discuss with parents the lesson learned and to apply the principles they learned throughout the week with guidance from parents.


The Children's Ministry is dedicated to seeking to save the lost. Working hand-in-hand with the church family, the Children's Ministry has outreach programs in the local community and overseas. With the consent of their parents, some children get a chance to experience going on mission trips to teach the Word of God in various places in the world.